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  A breif visit in the future with definite side effects.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> cut here with a sharp knife <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Auto-Closet

                                                                  by Kristen O


A lone figure was accidently transported into the not to distant future
using a time machine of his own creation.  He emerged in a lady's bedroom
filled with futuristic equipment.  He did not realize where he was.  A
machine in the corner of the room caught his eye.

Part I: Discovery

Jack walked up to the curious machine and examined the instrumentation on
the panel.  A switch was left on marked "enabled".  Another switch, marked
"physical enhancement" was glowing green.  Yet another, marked "total
makeover" was also green.  The machine itself was rectangular in shape,
roughly twenty feet in length, ten feet tall and eight feet wide.  A ramp
led up to a door which had markings on its surface and no handle.

He stepped on the ramp to take a closer look at the markings on the door
when the machine sprang to life.  The machine, sensing what it thought was
its owners footsteps, started moving the ramp.

As the ramp began to move under his feet, Jack tried to spring back off of
the ramp.  But his feet were suddenly held to the ramp by some kind of
magnetic force, as the machine sensed his shifting weight.  An automated
voice from the machine spoke, "for your safety, Magna-Grip has been
enabled".  As the ramp moved him to the door, the door slid up.  He glanced
at the markings on the door as it moved overhead and it had "Auto-Closet
model series number 20105F" written on it.

Jack suddenly realized that this was not a good situation to be in.  "Shit!"
exclaimed Jack as he tried to get off the ramp.  But the magnetic field held
his feet like glue.  As the ramp moved him further inside the machine, he
attempted to grab onto the doorframe with his arms, but again the machine
sensed his body moving and activated a force field which gently held him in
place.  Jack found his arms were held up over his head and his body rigidly

The machine spoke to him, "Good morning, Linda.  Are we a bit dizzy from
last night's activities?" "Oh, no!", Jack thought, "This machine is
mistaking me for it's owner, Linda." "I'm not Linda!" Jack shouted, "My name
is Jack, I'm a man!" Being an Auto-Closet model series number 20105F, the
machine was designed only to make casual conversation with it's owner and
perform it's function, to dress and makeover it's owner in the most feminine
manner possible.

Mistakenly thinking that it's owner was joking with it, the Auto-Closet
replied, "My, my.  Aren't we in a humorous mood today, Linda.  I will begin
autoscan, now."

The ramp stopped as Jack was just inside the door.  Jack looked further
inside, still unable to move.  Further down the ramp was dark.  A flat green
beam turn on in the segment of the machine where he was.  It began to scan
him from his fingertips to his toes.  He could hear clicks and beeps as the
machine analyzed it's scan.  The machine seemed to hesitate, appearing
confused.  The physical profile that it just scanned did not seem match that
of it's owner.  Jack sensed it's hesitation and began to feel relieved.
"You see, you dumb machine!  I'm a man.  Let me go now!"

Deep within, simple subprogram logic of the machine made a conclusion and
the machine spoke, "Naughty Linda, you've gained some weight and stopped
working out.  I will take care of that."

Jack pleaded, "No, no!  Just let me go!" and struggled desperately now, his
arms still suspended over his head and unable to move.  Mechanical arms
began to gently strip the clothes from his body.  First, his shirt was
unbuttoned and lifted over his head.  Next, he looked down to see mechanical
fingers unbuckling his belt, working the zipper down on his pants and
untieing his sneakers.  As his shoes, socks and pants disappeared, he felt
his jockey shorts being slide down his legs, the last vestige of his male

He felt completely naked, helpless and vulnerable for what was awaiting him
further inside.  The machine was ready to begin the transformation.  Sweat
glistened on his forehead and he felt flush as the ramp began to move again
to the next segment of the machine.  "I will begin your physical enhancement
changing you back to your normal beautiful figure, Linda," the machine said.
Jack looked around as metal probes began to snake out from the walls all
around him, stopping next to his skin.  "This may sting a bit," the machine
said.  Small sparks begin to dance around the metal probes.  The sparks
started growing and growing around the probes, then a few jumped out at him,
striking a few shafts of hair on his skin.  It stung slightly.  More and
more sparks jumped off of the probe to strike the hairs on his body and he
soon felt like ants were crawling all over his body.  He watched as all of
his body and facial hairs disappeared or fell to the floor.

As suddenly as this process ended, a new one began.  A large metal cap with
cables came down over Jack's head.  Two suction disks slowly snaked out and
stuck to each pectoral muscle on his chest.  The disks felt cold with some
mushy sticky adhesive on their surface, reminding him of leeches.  Similar
ones stuck to his hips and he felt, rather than saw, cup shaped devises
attach to the cheeks of his derriere.  "Oh, no!  The machine is trying to
give me women's breasts, hips and long hair," he deduced.  Suddenly, all of
the devices sprang to life.  Jack was jolted as a combination of electric
energy and sucking motion began where each device was attached as the
confused Auto-Closet tried to change Jack's body to the same shape as its

Just when Jack nearly passed out, the sucking motion and shocks stopped.
Slowly, each device detached from his body.  Jack looked in horror at his
body.  As the devices on his chest detached, beneath them were supple
pouting breasts, his breasts!  When the device on his head lifted, long,
black wavy hair fell down to his shoulders.  His hips were perfectly wide.

His body felt completely foreign to him.  It was cold and smooth without
body and facial hairs, he felt extra weight and a jiggling sensation on his
chest.  His hips and derriere felt like that of another persons.  He began
to wonder if he could ever change back into himself.

As if on cue, the ramp started up again, moving a feminine- looking Jack to
the next segment.  This time, metal thimbles attached to his fingers and his
toes.  A mask slowly came out.  Jack tried to move away, but it attached to
his face and a slight suction was applied.  Jack imagined he resemble an
unfortunate victim from the movie, "Alien".  He felt moist, tickling
sensations on his lips, eyelids, lashes and cheekbones.  He felt small
shocks around his eyebrows.  The machine was determine to make him look like
Linda and he was helpless to stop it!

When the devices detached from his body, he saw that the machine had giving
him long, pink fingernails.  He looked down past his now maiden breasts and
saw his toenails were also pink.  He could feel the makeup on his face.  His
lashes, now long and full, rimmed his eyesight.  His lips were moist with
lipstick.  Perfume was sprayed on his neck, between his breasts, and on his
stomach.  A sharp pain in his lobes alerted him to pearl earrings being
attached to his ears.

The ramp moved him to the next segment.  The changes the machine gave to him
began to overwhelm him.  Mechanical arms emerged from the wall.  Lacy, pink
french-cut panties were pulled up his legs.  At the same time, a matching
bra lowered over his raised arms, cupping his breasts.  The bra began to
constrict around him as it was fastened, slightly pushing his breasts up,
giving him cleavage.  He winced at this effect.  Next, beige pantyhose were
rolled up his legs.  The pantyhose made him feel strange, like something
smooth and silky was clinging tightly to his legs, but he could feel the
coolness of air as if he weren't wearing anything.  Next, a slip was pulled
over his arms.  He felt the light touch of silk as it brushed down against
his pantyhose.  A tight, fully lined, black-patterned knee-high skirt rose
over his hips.  He felt the zipper being tugged close from behind.  A white
blouse began to encircle his upper torso as the machine buttoned it on him.
His arms slid through a tailored jacket matching the skirt.  His feet were
slipped into black patent high heel pumps and a matching purse was dropped
onto his shoulder.

Jack was scared.  His breasts rose up and down as he hyperventilated.  At
the end of the machine was a mirror.  He recognized his own eyes, but his
face and body looked like a women's.  He was dressed head to toe in women's
clothes right down to the underwear.  His body had real breasts and hips.
He had long, wavy shoulderlength hair.  He felt like tearing off all of the
clothes and wiping off the make-up, but was powerless to do so.

As the machine pause for it's owner to examine it's the fruit of it's
labors, Jack began to mentally explore his body.  He could feel the
constriction of his bra on his breasts, the panties riding on his hips.  The
airy, clinging feel of the pantyhose on his legs, which also allowed him to
wiggle and slide his toes in his high heel pumps.  He could feel the
slipperiness of his tight lined skirt over his reshaped derriere.  The scent
of a women's perfume reached his nose.  Jack stared in shocking fascination
at the beautiful figure in the mirror and a lady starred back, pink lips
slightly agape.

A chime sounded and the machine spoke, "You look gorgeous, Linda.  Have a
nice day at work." Then the machine release it's grip on Jack.  He
immediately began to totter on his high heels and fell out of the exit of
the machine and passed out.

Part II: Awakening

Jack began to awaken from what seemed to be a terrible nightmare.  He dreamt
that he was turned into a women and forced to dress in women's clothes.  He
slowly came to his senses and forced one of his eyes to open a crack.  He
saw his long hair blocking his vision which shocked him into reality.  It
was not a dream!  "I am in lady's clothes!" He tried to scream, but found
that he must have hit his throat when he passed out, and all that he could
manage was a faint whisper.  He tried to get up, but found that he was weak
and dizzy.

When Jack shifted his weight to sit upright, he saw a pair of men's shoes in
front of him.  Startled, Jack looked up to see a man with a concerned look
on his face staring down at him!  Jack began to panic:  here he was dressed
to the hilt in women's clothing and a man was looking at him.  Could this
man tell that Jack was a man dressed as a woman?  Jack tried to get up, but
was still too weak.  Jack tried to speak, but couldn't even whisper.  The
man spoke, "Miss, are you O.K.?" He put his arm under Jack's arm and
supported his back.  He put his other arm under Jack's nylon-clad legs and
lifted Jack up off of the ground.  Jack felt limp in the man's arms.  He
felt half-naked because he had a short skirt on instead of pants.

As the man walked with Jack in his arms over to the bed, he explained, "I am
a doctor.  Your Auto-Closet called me when it sensed that you collapsed,
Miss.  I need to examine you to see if you are O.K." Jack tried to protest,
to tell him to just leave, but was unable to speak.  From what Jack could
tell, the doctor believed that Jack was a lady without even a second glance.

The doctor placed Jack on the bed and as Jack tried weakly to get up, the
doctor pushed him back down.  "Please, errdots, Linda is it?  Just relax.
My name is Steve by the way." The doctor reached down beside the bed and
opened his Doctor's bag, retrieving a stethoscope.  Jack felt his blouse
being unbuttoned by the doctor.  Alarmed, Jack tried to push the Doctor's
hand away, but was easily overpowered.  Jack felt the Doctor's hand move
inside the top of his slip with the stethoscope.  His breast tingled with
goosebumps as the Doctor's hand brushed past his bra, to his heart.  He felt
the cold metal of the stethoscope on his chest.

Jack look up as Steve rebuttoned his blouse.  "Linda, you seem fine, just a
little exhausted, and that bruise on your neck should keep you from talking
for a while." Jack saw that Steve was now smiling and looking at him the way
a man looks at a woman, only Jack wasn't a woman!  Before Jack could react
or protest, the doctor grabbed Jack's shoulders and pulled him into his
arms.  His lips touched Jack's painted lips.  Jack was horrified and
revolted.  Jack's horror gave his body the adrenaline it needed to react.
Jack lifted his hand and tried to punch the doctor, but it ended in a slap
with Jack's long fingernails scratching the Doctor's face.

The doctor, angered by the slap and fearing that "Linda" would report him to
the authorities shouted, "Linda, you're delirious!  I must restrain you.
Can I get some help in here!" Two other doctors who were waiting outside
came in.  Jack, struggling to get free of Steve, found his arms being bound
as the other two doctors overwhelmed him.  He felt leather restraints being
buckled to each wrist, his arms being pulled apart and the ends of the
restraints being tied to each bedpost.  His legs were held tight as they
were similarly being buckled.  Fearing that he might be accosted as a woman,
Jack tried to keep his legs together, but they were slowly pulled apart as
the doctors fastened the leg restraints to the bedposts at the foot of the

Here Jack was, lying spread-eagle and helpless.  He was all decked out on
women's clothes and he could not speak to tell them that he was not a girl
and to help him change back into his former self.  One doctor pulled out a
hypodermic needle, "This will help you to sleep." Jack felt a sting in his
arm, and felt a slow burning sensation move up his arm, then he began to
relax.  The other doctor removed Jack's high heels saying, "We'll contact
your relatives to check up on you, Linda." Then they left the room.

Jack felt a wisp of wind on his stocking feet as the door closed.  His head
began to feel groggy.  He struggled against his bonds, but to no avail.  He
looked at his wrists, shrugging as his painted fingernails reminded him of
his feminine state.  The buckles looked secure.  He tried to fight the drug
and remain awake, not wanting to fall asleep in the state of dress that he
was in.  His consciousness faded.

Jack forced his eyes open.  How long had he been out for?  He deduced that
he did not sleep for long, as the relatives that the doctors said they would
send to this place had not arrived yet.  Jack felt stronger and struggled
with the bonds.  Just then, he heard a noise.  Someone was coming and Jack
was prone, tied-up and dressed as a girl.  Jack struggled some more against
his bonds.  The door to the bedroom opened.  Jack looked up and saw that it
was a girl with a surprised look on her face.  "Who are you?" she shouted.
"Who tied you to my bed?  Why are you wearing my clothes?" It was the real
Linda, just returned from work.  "I'm going to call the police!" and Linda
left the room.

Jack panicked and thought, "Not the police, what more can happen to me!" He
pulled at his restraints and a bedpost snapped, freeing his right arm.
Thank goodness for cheap bedstands!  He reached over and began unbuckling
the restraint on his left hand, listening to Linda call the police in the
next room.  It was difficult for Jack to unbuckle the restraints due to his
long fingernails, but finally he was free.  He heard Linda leave the room a
go outside, speculating that she did not want to be in the same room with a
complete stranger, bound or not.  But Jack was free.

Jack walked to the machine, feeling an odd feeling as his breasts bounced
and his legs were constrained from running by the tight skirt.  Oddly, Jack
walked rather than ran as he unconsciously did not want to tear the
seemingly fragile garments that he was wearing.

Jack came to the entrance of the Auto-Closet, thinking that if it could turn
him into a woman, that it could turn him back into good ol' Jack again.  He
paused at the control panel and turned the "physical enhancement" button
off.  "That should do it!" Jack said eagerly.  He jumped on the ramp,
confident that the machine will change him back into a man.

Again, the machine began, "Hello, Linda!  How was work?" The machine began
it's autoscan, sensing that this physical form did indeed match Linda's
profile.  Mechanical arms came out and removed Jack's tailored jacket and
blouse.  He felt his skirt being unzipped from behind sliding smoothly down
his legs and disappearing.  The machine removed his slip, and started to
unfasten his bra.  Jack breathed a sign of relief as the bra was unhooked,
taking the pressure from the bra straps off of his sore shoulders.  Jack was
prepared to be changed back into himself in the second "physical
augmentation" segment, but the ramp took him past, into the third segment.
Jack again panicked, "Oh, no!  It didn't work.  I've got to get out of
here." But as he tried to move, the machine once again set up a magnetic
field which prevented him from moving again.  The make-up mask again snaked
out at him and attached to his face, reapplying and touching up his previous
make-up.  He moved to the forth segment and saw, to his frustration, that
the mechanical hands were waiting for him with more of Linda's clothes.
This time, the machine put peach colored panty briefs and matching bra on
him and a peach colored slip.  Nude pantyhose were pulled up his legs and a
bright floral print knee-length sundress flowed down around him, colored
with lavender and light blue on a white background.  Jack felt the dress
tighten as the machine zippered him into the dress.  Lavender, opened-toed
high heel slings were placed on his feet and a matching purse was placed on
his shoulders.  The machine once again brought him to a mirror.  Jack stared
at his reflection in frustration as it revealed his figure, completely
emasculated, almost a southern belle in the sundress.  Again, the machine
move him to the exit, and the force-field was released.

Jack nearly fell over when the force-field was released, struggling to
maintain balance in his flimsy high heel slings.  The pantyhose made his
feet slip inside to shoes.

Jack suddenly realized that he had to get out of here before the police
came.  He quickly minced out of the machine towards the bedroom door.  No
one was in the living room and he stepped in.  Surprised, he saw that Linda
had left her purse behind in her haste to leave the building.  He opened her
purse and discovered a pocket book with money and credit cards, make-up, and
other assorted items.  He transferred them into his lavender purse and ran
to the front door.

What would Jack encounter in the outside of this future world nightmare?
Here he was dressed in a sundress, completely made over as a girl.  Even if
he found men's clothes, how was he to get his figure back to normal.  He
could get his shoulder length hair easily cut like a man's, but how could he
disguise his jutting breasts and wide hips?

Part III: Escape

Jack left the front door and found himself in what he believed was a condo
complex.  He saw an elevator at the end of the hall and headed towards it.
He felt strange as he walked, like he was half naked since he did not have
any pants on.  His breasts jiggled, gently straining the bra straps on his
shoulders.  He was conscious of his wide hips and high heel slings causing
his posterior to sway from side to side.  He felt the dress brush against
his pantyhose and a cool breeze on his legs.  He had to fight to keep
balanced as his stocking feet kept slipping in his slings.  His hair bounced
around, tickling his shoulders.

Just as Jack reached the elevator, the elevator door opened and two
policemen came out, nearly bumping into Jack.  Jack was horrified.  Had he
come this far only to be caught?  He imagined being searched and
"discovered" to be a man.  They would throw him in a men's jail dressed to
the hilt in women's clothes with real breasts.  He shuddered as he thought
what the prisoners would do to him.  As Jack stopped in his tracks, the
policemen merely smiled at Jack, like they would when encountering a pretty,
young woman.  "Pardon me, Miss," one of them wink as they both walked by.
Startled, Jack strode into the elevator and pressed the first floor button.

As the elevator doors opened on the first floor, Jack saw a small crowd by
the front desk, with Linda in the center with a panicked look on her face.
Jack looked around and saw a parking garage exit and moved in.  A blast of
cold air hit Jack's nylon- clad legs all the way up to his panties as he
entered the garage.  He reached down to stop the dress from blowing up and
dropped his purse, spilling it's contents on the garage floor.  As he
quickly scooped everything up, he saw men's shoes in front of him and a
familiar voice which sent a chill through his spine, "May I help you, Miss?"
It was the doctor, dressed in civilian clothes!  "Do you remember me Linda?"

Jack thought about bolting through the front lobby to get away, but
remembered that the real Linda, and the police, were there.  Jack tried to
run past Steve, but he stumbled in his high heels and fell into Steve's
arms.  He tried to scream, but Steve's hand cupped over Jack's mouth.  Jack
began to struggle, but Steve was too strong and Jack's clothing seemed only
to hamper his efforts.  Jack was dragged to the rear of a van without
windows.  Steve handcuffed one of Jack's hands while holding Jack's mouth.
Jack struggled wildly, but felt his other arm slowly being brought behind
his back.  Soon it was secured to the other arm.  A gag was inserted in his
mouth and tied.  Steve threw Jack's bound upper torso in the van and grabbed
Jack's legs, pulling them together in a quick movement.  He tied Jack's feet
together with a towel.  When Jack felt his legs being lifted into the van
and he stopped struggling, his bondage being complete.  Jack sighed heavily
in frustration.  Did this guy, so enamored with Jack, know that Jack was
really a man trapped in women's clothing?

Steve, satisfied that Jack was securely bound, entered the van to examine
his prize.  Jack looked helplessly at Steve and cried out, "I'm not a girl!
I'm not a girl!  I'm a man in women's clothes.  Let me go!" But the gag in
his mouth muffled his screams into something indiscernible to Steve.  Steve
look hungrily at the gorgeous lady he hopelessly tied up.  Her struggling
made it seem erotic to him.

Jack continued to struggle and shout as he felt a hand on his leg, caressing
it, sliding up and down his silky pantyhose.  He felt another hand softly
touch his breasts, squeezing and massaging them.  His body began to tingle,
but he felt nausea sweep his mind.

He felt the hand on his leg move up to his derriere, slowly massaging it,
the fingers finding the top band of his pantyhose and panties, and slowly
pulling them down.  Jack desperately wanted to cry out, but the gag and
binding restrained him.

Just then, Jack saw through the open van doors what looked like the lights
of a police car being reflected off the garage wall.  A telltale squawk of a
police radio affirmed his hunch.  Steve noticed to, and stopped.  He looked
at Jack in frustration and stealthily left the van and disappeared, leaving
Jack helplessly bound in gagged in the rear of the van, dressed as a girl.

Jack heard another sound as someone approached the van.  Was Steve
returning?  Was it the police?  A voice said, "What are these doors doing
opened?", and Jack saw the doors close.  Jack heard the front door open and
close.  Fortunately for Jack, the cab of the van was separated by a
partition, so at least Jack would not be discovered for a while.  Jack heard
the engine being started, and the van started to move.

Jack's arms were bound securely by the handcuffs, but he found that he could
move his legs due to the slippery pantyhose he wore.  He slid one leg
against the other to try to work free of the towel which bound his legs.
The rubbing of his dress and silk slip on his nylon- clad legs and panties
began to have and erotic effect on him and he flushed.  The van turned a
corner, and Jack rolled from the effect onto his stomach.  He saw his
breasts being pushed up from the top of the dress, showing cleavage and
reminding him of women he dated in the past.  The sight of cleavage on his
own chest simultaneously stimulated and humiliated him.  He smelled the odor
of his sweat mixed with the women's perfume that the machine sprayed on him,
and the scent of his lipstick through his labored breathing.

Jack's legs came free of the towel.  He must figure a way out of the
handcuffs and the van before it stopped and he was discovered.  The van
turned again and he rolled across the floor and felt a sharp object, before
he rolled to a stop on the other side of the van wall.  He tried to move
back to the spot where the object was, but his high heels slowed his
progress.  He tried to kick off the heels, but the straps on the slings held
them tightly on his feet.  Clumsily, Jack squirmed back to the spot where he
felt the object.  He found them again and they felt like keys!  Could it be
that the handcuff keys fell out of Steve's pocket during the struggle?

Jack managed to put the key in the handcuffs with difficulty:  his long
fingernails kept getting in the way.  Finally, he turned the lock and he was

Just as Jack began to open the door, the van stopped and Jack heard
footsteps approaching the back of the van.  The doors opened, startling Jack
and he found himself starring at a rather pretty woman.  The woman, equally
surprised, said, "Who are you and what are you doing inside of my van?" Jack
did not want her to discover that he was a man, which, knowing Jack's luck,
would probably lead to more trouble so he tried to continue his charade as a
woman.  Jack, finding his voice returning to him in a high delicate pitch,
replied, "Someone tried to abduct me and tied me up in the back of your van.
He was scared away when you came.  I just now freed myself." She was
shocked, noticing the bindings in the back of the van and the red welts on
Jack's hands.  She said, "You poor thing!  I'll contact the police!" "No,
wait!" Jack pleaded, "Please don't involve the police.  I'm deeply
embarrassed by what happened." The woman paused and thoughtfully said,
"Please come stay with me, then, until you recover.  My name is Janet."

Part IV: Advanced Auto-Closet Model

"I'm Jackie," Jack replied as he was led into her house.  She sat Jack down
and fed him as she talked about herself, not wanting to bring up Jack's past
traumatic event.  Jack learned that she was single and reasonably well off,
having inherited her home and wealth from recently departed husband.

Janet observed Jackie from head to toe, noticing a beautiful young girl in a
bright sundress.  Jackie's dress was slightly torn in places and she had a
run in her nylons from her ordeal.  Her face was dirty and her make-up was
smeared from her sweaty trip in the van.  Red welts were on her arms and

Jack thought to himself that he should continue to pretend to be a woman for
just a few hours longer.  If he could get Janet to leave, he could sneak
into the Auto-Closet of her former husband and change back into a man:  Good
ol' Jack, his former self.  Then he would figure a way out of this strange
futuristic world.

Jack's thoughts were interrupted when Janet exclaimed, "how rude of me!
Janet, you should get cleaned up right away.  I happen to have a deluxe
Auto-Closet model series number 30001F, which has a built-in ultra-sonic

Oh, no!  Not again!" Jack thought as he was led to Janet's Auto-Changer.
The changer held Jack in place as it scanned him.  Being a more advanced
series machine, it detected the presence of Jack's male appendage.  Being
programmed only for the female anatomy, it puzzled for a few minutes and
began to modify it's program.

Jack saw the scan light stop in the area of his male appendage and began to
panic as he thought the machine would try to remove it.  He tried to
struggle, but was held in place.  The machine began gingerly removing his
clothes.  He felt his sundress being unzipped and slipped over his head.
Next came his slip.  The straps holding his high heel open-toed slings were
unbuckled and the shoes removed, followed by his bra, pantyhose and panties
until he was completely nude.  He saw a mechanical arm move towards his
groin and he shut his eyes to brace for the pain.  The pain did not come.
Instead, a skin- like putty substance attached itself to his appendage.  It
felt as if it were alive as it flattened his profile to resemble a female's
lower torso, much to the machine's satisfaction.

His body was cleaned thoroughly, fresh make-up applied, and Jack found
himself in a clingy knit cream-colored mini-dress and matching high heel

Janet greeted him at the exit, "You look much better, Jackie!" "Thank you
Janet, but may I use the bathroom?" Jack replied.  "Of course, it just down
the hall." Jack walked into the bathroom and closed the door, locking it
behind him.  Jack took off his high heels and pulled his mini-dress up.  He
rolled his pantyhose down, careful not to snag it with his long nails.  He
pulled his panties down to examine the artificial skin that the Auto-Closet
attached to his groin.  It matched his real skin an gave the appearance of a
woman's clitoris.  He could feel his appendage trapped inside.  He tried to
pull the skin off, but it would not come off.  His appendage felt like it
was in a gel.

Jack caught a glance of himself in the mirror and saw a beautiful female
with her dress pulled up above her waist, pantyhose and panties pulled down
her legs, with her pelvis exposed.  Only the woman in the mirror was Jack!
The image of the partially naked woman excited Jack and his appendage began
to grow inside the gel.  Thinking with disgust that the attractive woman in
the mirror was actually himself, Jack pulled up his panties and pantyhose
and pulled the dress down into place.  He slipped his feet back into the
high heels and was about to leave.

To Jack's surprise, the artificial skin that the advanced Auto-Closet
attached to his groin, was not merely a disguise.  It had neuro-receptors
allowing it to be functional.  Being that Janet had been windowed and was
alone, she programmed her Auto-Closet to enhance her physical appearance
with neuro-stimulators for sexual fulfillment.  Janet had forgotten to
disable this feature when she forced Jack through.  Sensing Jack's sexual
arousal, the neuro- stimulators in the gel surround Jack's appendage began
to react, stimulating and massaging Jack with computer precision.

Jack felt an incredible sensation around his groin build.  He thought it
unnatural to be stimulated and not to have any control over it.  He had to
calm down!  He left the bathroom and asked Janet if he could lie down to try
to relax.  Janet led him to a bedroom.  Jack immediately closed to door and
lay down in the bed.  The bed had mirrors mounted above it.  Jack saw his
reflection, a seductive young woman with flowing long hair and a curvy body.
The stimulators again kicked in.  Jack saw himself in the mirror, the
nipples on his breasts becoming visible through the knit mini-dress as they
became hard.  His breaths became shallower as the stimulation continued.  He
bent his leg and saw the woman in the mirror, his reflection, reveal a
shapely thigh clad in pantyhose.  He reached to his groin to try to stop the
stimulation, but it continued.  The neuro-sensor program was designed to
bring a person to the brink of orgasm for hours and beyond.

Jack started to coo now.  His image in the mirror above showed a girl
parting her ruby red lips, half-shutting her long, curled eyelashes in
obvious pleasure.  Jack thought, "Help me!  No I don't want this to happen.
Please stop, please stop!  I'm not a girl and I do not like wearing girls
clothes!" But the stimulation continued and Jack was inadvertently placed in
a sort of biofeedback state.  He saw his reflection, a beautiful young
woman's reflection in the mirrors above him, which aroused him.  This caused
the neuro-stimulator to act on him, driving him crazy with pleasure at the
sight of him dressed as a woman.

He felt his breasts begin to swell, straining against his push-up bra,
enhancing his cleavage.  His slip slid against his silky underwear,
stimulating him.  As his body began to tremble, his nylon clad legs began
brushing against the satin sheets.  Sweat glistened on his forehead and his
makeup began to run.  Strands of his long wavy hair clung to his face.  The
woman in the mirror looked incredibly erotic.  He smelled the woman's
perfume that he was wearing and the odor of his lipstick, triggered by his
sweating.  He was powerless to resist.  His head pounded, his body ached.
The woman in the mirror was cringing, arching her back, curling up in a
ball.  He was helpless, dressed completely as a woman and unable to move,
being driven mad with pleasure.

He began to thrust his hips unconsciously as his reflection showed a woman
thrusting her torso towards him.  The neuro- stimulator program knew 517
ways to cause a man to orgasm and 1,203 ways to cause a woman to orgasm.
It's effect was profound on Jack.  Jack couldn't stand it.  He wanted to rip
his dress off, tear off his bra and nylons to prove his manhood to himself,
but the seductive woman in the mirror prevented him, and forced him to stay
totally decked out.  He senses heightened, threatening to overwhelm him.  He
felt completely foreign to himself as his panties, bra, pantyhose, slip,
dress, high heels and make-up clung tightly to him.  Suddenly, he exploded
in an uncontrollable orgasm, sending a shutter through his body.  The
neuro-stimulators did not give up as he orgasmed again.  He desperately
wanted it to stop, unable to take any more.  Again, he orgasmed, his
reflection in the mirror shaking like a rag doll.  Slowly, the stimulation

Jack lay in bed for awhile, watching his reflection in the mirror, his
breasts rising and falling with each breath.  His dress somewhat lifted up,
partly revealing his derriere and the telltale dark line where the panty
part of the pantyhose began.  A hint of lace from his skirt winked out at

He slowly rose to the side of the bed, allowing the plush bedroom carpet to
tickle his damp, nylon clad feet.  Jack thought for a moment and decided
that he must change back into a man before he lost the willpower to resist
his forced feminization.

He unlocked the bedroom door and opened it just a crack.  The halls were
silent - Janet was nowhere to be seen.  Jack moved in his stocking feet,
holding his high heels in his hands as he moved to the master bedroom, where
the male "Auto-Closet" was.  No one was inside.  Jack pressed the "enable"
switch on and to his relief, the machine sprang to life.  He walked onto the
ramp and the door lifted up, his heart beating faster as he neared his goal.
As the ramp moved him into the first compartment, he was suddenly surprised
by a tingly sensation in his groin area.

"Oh, no!  Not now!" The auto-stimulators mistook his suspense for sexual
arousal.  He tried to move his hand down to his groin, but a magnetic field
from the Auto-Closet held him fast.  Here was Jack, looking like a complete
woman in a mini-dress and heels, frozen on a ramp like a dress shop
mannequin, just inches away from his goal.  The stimulation increased,
raising goosebumps on Jack's body.  The ramp move him into the scanning

The male computer became confused as it scanned Jacks body.  The
characteristics did not resemble that of a male.  Jack willed the computer
to hurry as the stimulation electrified.  The computer made up it's mind to
give its owner a more masculine build, assuming that too much beer led his
body to it's current state.  The computer voice clicked, "Proceeding with
male physical amplifications."

Jack felt ecstatic.  Finally, he will be free of these terrible lady's
garments.  But as the computer was about to begin to transform Jack, a
strange glowing light began to encircle him.  The space-time continuum began
to bend around him.  "No!" Jack screamed.  He realized that a time machine
that he had constructed to bring him into this future time was now calling
him back before he could change back into a man.  Once returned back to his
own present time, a time before Auto-Closets existed, he would be stuck as a
woman for the rest of his life!  It was a race against time as the male
Auto-Closet began to remove his dress and underwear and the time machine
continued to build the energy necessary to transport Jack back.  All of
Jack's clothes were off and the computer began the physical enhancements.
Would there be enough time?  Jack looked at his hand.  It began to slowly
fade before his eyes.  Mechanical disks from the Auto-Closet attached to
Jack's chest and posterior.  Just a few seconds more...

Part V: Epilogue

Janet returned to the master bedroom, hearing noises of her departed
husband's Auto-Closet running.  When she peered through the front opening,
there was no one inside.  Janet turned the machine off and called for
Jackie, but there was no answer.

In another part of the city, a doctor named Steve was arrested by the
police, charged with the abduction and disappearance of a girl discovered in
one Linda Somer's apartment.  He subsequently escaped, disguising himself as
a woman using an Auto-Closet.  Unknown to him, the model he used was an
ultra-deluxe Auto-Closet model series number 78900F. He discovered, to his
horror, that he was unable to change back into a man, even when using a male
Auto-Closet model series number 78900M. He was subsequently recaptured and
sent to a women's prison where he was repeatedly accosted by the inmates and
eventually went mad.

Jack, back in his own time now, was just a few weeks away from finishing his
latest project.  He was making good time.  Deep inside of the complex
machine he inserted a circuit board and ran the diagnostics.  The fifth
segment of the machine was briefly active, then was shut down.  Jack
grinned.  He wiped to sweat from his brow using the sleeve of his white lab
coat.  "Yes, just a few more weeks!"

Jack extricated himself from within the machine.  Tired, he looked up at the
clock and decided to call it quits.  He removed his labcoat and hung it on a
rung.  Then he noticed a snag in his pantyhose.  "Shit!" He exclaimed.  He
shrugged, touching up his lips with coral pink lipstick and adjusting his
dress.  He turned all the lights out in his lab save one.  The lone light
illuminated a sign on the machine that Jack was working on.  The sign read,
"Auto-Closet model series number 00001M, male version."